People ask, why GRAVITY? What’s it all about? Often the answer can be long, scientific, and full of complex medical facts included in written papers by esteemed clinicians or professors. But above all our answers are always honest. No exaggeration, nothing based on maybes or what ifs?

The Story So Far

Developing this product has been an incredibly rewarding and sometimes frustrating journey over many years. From building and designing our own resins and moulds in a small workshop outside Dublin, to constantly changing those resins, the rocker on the cradle, the depth of the keystone, researching and reflecting on the different height of spheres to learn how each sphere’s height changes the pattern of repair and decompression, to discover how that change works with a patient and the benefits of those changes.

We reached into the very core of what we set out to achieve. We set out to build a well-being product that can be used by everyone; runners, swimmers, walkers, in fact everyone that moves for any rehabilitation or lifestyle activity. Male, female, young, old, stressed, injured or fit ,we knew that everyone was different. Every individual’s body repairs at its own pace. Not everyone will achieve the same speed of repair or rehabilitation using GRAVITY. GRAVITY allows your body to rest, reset and revive at its own pace, whilst maintaining your well-being in your day to day life. Once this was recognised, our path was very clear. It became our mission to carry out constant trials, developments and research until we found the exact shape and design we have today. Always reminding ourselves of one key word…Innovate, Innovate, Innovate.

To be innovative, honest and competent are the aims of any business, but we wanted more! We wanted to create a product that for so many reasons would become a part of everybody’s everyday lifestyle. A tall order, but today we find people using GRAVITY in all walks of life. Whether it’s a warm up before sport or a cool down after a long walk, to help with pains and stresses, relieve headaches, help sleep at night even improve digestive systems. Its really reaching out to so many different people all asking their own questions and looking for their own answers.

For us at GRAVITY, that’s exactly what we wanted; daily use, constant questions and for GRAVITY to be able to stand up to the rigours of everyday life. We are so very proud of our product and we thank everyone who is using GRAVITY today.

We had one thankful gentleman send us a letter after he purchased his GRAVITY and had used it for a few weeks. We felt his words were a perfect description of what we set out do. After all our research, papers read, resins built, science, soul searching and long hours of development he simply put: “Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful product, my GRAVITY is like that comfy sofa in my front room. It’s just needed”.


We now have Distributors in UK & Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Australia & New Zealand. If your interested in joining the GRAVITY journey please leave details and we will contact you soonest.



From concept through to product manufacture, the GRAVITY Team is dedicated to creating a better world for all of our customers.

Shane Murnaghan
Owner, Inventor, Educator
Michael Fisher
Co-Owner & Managing Director
Paul Nash - Global Licensing Director
Paul Nash
William Hogg - Finance Director
William Hogg
Jamie Barry - Head of Online and Branding
Jamie Barry