GRAVITY triggers decompression and relaxation of tight muscles primarily of the neck, spine and pelvis regions which then offers a secondary release of associated spinal attachments creating a feeling of less tension throughout the body. The released muscles in turn reduce pain allowing the body to reposition correctly.

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GRAVITY works equally well for prevention as recovery. The aim is simple – to maximise your pain-free physical freedom, whether you’re getting over injury or event training.


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Two Color Variation

GRAVITY is available in two colours, blue and red. We do plan to let users custom design their own GRAVITY shortly, so stayed tuned.

Cool Look

GRAVITY’s ultra-clever ergonomic contours and choice of vivid colours, it also makes a strong statement about your commitment to reclaiming and maintaining your quality of life.

Made out of quality materials

GRAVITY is constructed of two separate materials. The Cradle and Keystone are hard polished shatter resistant plastic. The brightly coloured VHT surface mats are soft silicone rubber to aid comfort and provide individual balance and weight distribution.

Small in size

GRAVITY is ultra portable, making it convenient to use at home, the gym, or wherever you like.