The award winning two piece massage device

PostureKey uses your own bodyweight to provide
pain relief and realign your spine’s natural curvature.

Over 50,000 happy customers:

Christopher Harlem, Age 35

“PostureKey has made such a difference. I suffered with back pain for 5 years and now I’m pain free. I really do believe that PostureKey has changed my life.” 

Improved Posture and reduced pain in 30 days or your money back

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How it works:

Our Variable Height Bubble Technology

Is specially designed to realign the body. It is the only massage device of its kind. The massage bubbles are varying in height to allow your body to adjust naturally in the areas it needs it most.

The bubbles find areas of tension and release the strain unilaterally. Inspired by natural medicine, our technology is completely non-invasive and drug free. The technology solely relies on bodyweight stimulation to allow a swirling unwind of tissue instead of more forceful alternatives.

We are Award-Winning

How to use your PostureKey

Step 1

Place a towel, cushion or bolster under your knees to alleviate pressure.

Step 2

Place the point of the Keystone on your coccyx (just above the crease of your bum).

Step 3

Place the Cradle under your neck and relax for around 15-20 minutes.

Here’s what the experts say:

Dr Helen Jones BSc (hons) MB ChB (hons) DTM and H MRCGP

“I’ve been treating these conditions as a GP for over 17 years, and I’ve seen how people struggle, and how important it is to have pain relief. Many of the pain medicines we prescribe have side effects and these risks often outweigh the benefits. In a recent study, PostureKey was shown to provide pain relief. It was also shown to have additional benefits of relaxation and improved sleep. PostureKey is a simple and safe option.”

30 day money back guarantee

The Benefits of PostureKey


Prolonged periods of sitting are required in many roles but often lead to aches, pains and procrastination. Slumping actually decreases the amount you can fill your lungs by 30% which impacts brain function. Improving posture could be the answer to your procrastination.


Relaxation can lower stress hormones, improve sleep, boost confidence, mood and concentration, relieve aches and pains, lower blood pressure levels, improve posture and even improve digestion!


Good posture has been scientifically proven to improve confidence levels. We’ve all been told to ‘stand up straight’ when entering an intimidating situation. Having good posture has been proven to improve self esteem and confidence in your own thoughts.


Many people who have posture-related problems have issues with sleeping. This may be back pain keeping you up or levels of anxiety preventing you to unwind. PostureKey promotes relaxation of the mind and body which promotes better sleep patterns.

Buy Now - 30 day no quibble guarantee

Yes! Improved posture and reduced pain in 30 days or your money back! Our customer service and medical team are on hand to offer all the support and information you may need. If you are not completely satisfied with the benefits you are getting from PostureKey we will refund your money thanks to our 30-day, no quibble guarantee.

Improves Posture

Improves Neural Flow

Restores Balance

Relieves Tension

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Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend using PostureKey daily for anywhere between 15-30 minutes. This length of time is optimum for the body to relax and for you to feel the benefits of your PostureKey session. PostureKey works differently for everybody; some people feel results after one session while others may take a number of uses before feeling the benefit of the device. 

PostureKey is the only device of its kind in the world. Our patented Massage Bubble Technology has been specifically designed to improve posture in a safe, simple and effective way. 

Sometimes there may be areas of tension in your body that even you were unconscious of and PostureKey works to relieve those areas of tension. If you have followed our User Guide correctly then you should have your PostureKey in the correct position. PostureKey is different for everyone and may feel strange as you become familiar with the device. PostureKey should not feel uncomfortable. If you need help with How to Use your PostureKey consult our User Guide or contact a member of the team.

Yes! We offer a 30 day no-quibble guarantee. No questions asked!

We’re sorry to hear that PostureKey hasn’t been working for you. If you would like some further guidance then email

Most people are the perfect PostureKey candidate. Our product is one-size-fits-all. We do not recommend using PostureKey if you are;

  • Under the age of 12
  • Pregnant
  • Suffer from open wounds on your neck or lower back

We don’t mean to brag but, there are too many to list down. 

PostureKey has helped thousands of people with countless different health problems. We are happy to answer specific questions regarding how PostureKey may help, just email


We advise consulting your medical practitioner if you are in any doubt about using PostureKey.