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Finding the Balance in Posture

“Ambulation is always associated with metabolic costs”   That complicated quote basically means that movement and posture are affected... read more

Sunday, November 12

Royal Marines RSM celebrates GRAVITY™

Former Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major, Barry Grey began to experience problems with his knees and lower back as a... read more

Thursday, September 21

What to do when stretching doesn’t work!

Gravity is a revolutionary new system designed to unwind back and neck strain, to promote a passive stretch for... read more

Sunday, September 17

GRAVITY and the College of Bowen Studies

“GRAVITY is a game changer in rehabilitation and prevention of injury. I have been in the field of Sport... read more

Thursday, September 14

Gravity, your therapist in a box!

◊The Gravity system is a brilliant on the spot therapist for many reasons. Back pain, low back pain, neck... read more

Saturday, January 14

Holding your breath, can cause you back pain!

Holding your breath whilst lifting is a major cause of lower back strain. This applies to all kinds of... read more

Friday, January 13

Lukas Gabris, cites Gravity for injury recovery!

Lukas Gabris, bodybuilding expert cites Gravity for remarable injury recovery! read more

Saturday, November 26

A body in balance is the best you can be!

Good Rugby requires proper strength and conditioning. Direct body shocks and strain from fighting out of rucks causes strain... read more

Saturday, November 19