“Ambulation is always associated with metabolic costs”


That complicated quote basically means that movement and posture are affected by the body’s need to constantly conserve energy. Understanding this need, the brain goes through a process of decluttering:

“I’ll forget how to balance that way for a bit, I’m sure I’ll remember when I need to…hopefully.”

Neurological researchers say that we have to forget things, or we would drive ourselves mad. With the technological demands of modern life being what they are, our posture suffers as our heads sink ever lower towards our screen. This is even more of a problem if our brains have also dumped the memory of how to correct this. We get stuck in a posture for too long, try to move quickly, and snap! Something goes into spasm.

We need to remember lots of things to be able to balance through extreme movement. Injury events tend to feel like an alien twist of structure, accompanied by slow panic whilst we wait for the pain, and wonder what the extent of the damage will be.

Using GRAVITY can help relieve the pressure in our bodies, and retrain posture. This allows the head-on-neck reflexes to be kept aware and floating in an active way, enabling better movement. By being loose, your body is better prepared for a change of circumstances, so your posture and movement can adapt more quickly, with less risk of injury.