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How PostureKey helped my working from home routine as a Fashion Buyer

‘PostureKey is absolutely essential for anyone who works from home, or in fact anyone who spends any time on a laptop or on their phone. It’s revolutionary.’

* What do you do for work? Do you work from home?

I work as a fashion buyer. As a result of the pandemic, I  have now worked from home for nearly 12 months! I don’t have a set home office, this means I work on the kitchen table, sofa…anywhere really! I am on zoom calls or simply working on my laptop for 8hours a day at least. Spending 8 hours on the sofa has been so not ideal for my mental and physical health. 

* What made you want to give PostureKey a try?

When I first started working from home I had no idea it would last this long. None of us did! As the time went on, I realised I had to invest more in my posture and the health of my back in general. Seeing my family (also working from home) struggle with back pain from working at a desk, I realised how important it is to prioritise correcting your posture in order to avoid any issues from constantly working on a laptop.I wanted something that I could just integrate into my routine that could help my back and posture but also relax. I thought PostureKey would be a great option to help this!

* Was PostureKey difficult to use?

PostureKey is extremely easy to use. The more I have used PostureKey, the easier I have found it! After using PostureKey a couple of times, I learnt the position that works best for me and now it takes no time to get into position and let it do its magic. 

* How often did you use your PostureKey?

I use my PostureKey at least 3 times a week. However, recently I have set the goal to use it daily, I find it a great time for mindfulness and relaxation, as well as helping my posture.  Setting aside a short amount of time everyday for this has improved both my physical and mental health immensely. Making it part of my daily life and work from home routine has been super easy and effective.

* Have you noticed any changes?

I have noticed a lot less tension in my upper back that I was experiencing from constantly looking down at a screen. On average, I spend 8 hours a day hunched over my laptop or phone and it was starting to take its toll massively. I’m only 22 so I knew that I had to change something in my routine. A huge positive for me has been that using PostureKey has helped me to have a greater awareness of my posture in general. This has been huge in changing my mindset and being more aware of my posture and movement. 

* What tips would you give for people wanting to make the most of their PostureKey?

Like anything, consistency is key! The first time it feels slightly odd to be lying on the floor with this weird thing behind your neck but stick with it. I promise it works. I found the real benefits came when I was consistent and found the right position and timing for me. I love to use my PostureKey in my lunch break now as a really great way to get away from my screen for at least 10-15 minutes in the day. 

* Will you continue using PostureKey?

Now I have started using PostureKey, it’ll be with me for life. The benefits I have seen have shown me the importance of taking the time to take care of my posture. I never realised how important it is until now.  PostureKey is absolutely essential for anyone who works from home, or in fact anyone who spends any time on a laptop or on their phone. It’s revolutionary. 

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