GRAVITY™ couldn’t be easier to use. All it takes is lying down, with the two components positioned correctly beneath your body. Just 20 minutes a day on GRAVITY can transform your life, whether you are aiming for pain-free movement or to maintain your existing freedom of movement. Simply placing the cradle beneath your neck and the keystone on your lower back (Watch video), can make a massive and immediate difference to your physical ability and state of mind.


Gravity™ and Innovation

Gravity is the creation of health practitioner Dr Shane Murnaghan - "I created GRAVITY when I was in severe pain myself after breaking my back in a car accident, barely able to walk more than 100 yards after my accident, I couldn't accept that nothing could be done about it and used my background as a spinal pain doctor to research and create a system I believed would make a difference".

Through trial and error Shane took seven years to get the Gravity system from his own workshop in Dublin where he made the original resins and casts of the neck brace to the factory floor and the Gravity product we see today on our High Street. Now Gravity is selling in countries all over the Globe.

His leadership in design and our company's ethos to strive for "Greatness in Innovation" led to this amazing product. To be innovative and honest are the aims of any business, but at GRAVITY we wanted more! We wanted to create a product that would become, a part of everyday life.

We wanted a product that not only helped with aches, pains and strains, but, better inform people to understand the importance of Posture and how improving Posture benefits their lives. A improved Posture with the help of Gravity will help you to naturally transform your own healthy lifestyle.

Whether it's a warm up before sport or a cool down after a long walk, in fact whatever your GRAVITY journey is, the result is the same. Simply by lying on Gravity for 20 minutes every day, allows the lower and upper body to work in an enhanced unison. Your body communicating between the Neck Brace and Keystone during the session is what starts to improve your posture and realign your spine, allowing for countless strains and pains to be managed better or disappear.

Today Gravity is really reaching out to so many different people all over the Globe. We have partners selling the "Gravity System" in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, China, Canada and many parts of Europe all experiencing their own Gravity successes, asking their own questions and looking for their own answers. For us at GRAVITY, that's exactly what we wanted; daily use, constant questions and for GRAVITY to be able to stand up to the rigours of today's hectic lifestyles.

We are so very proud of our product and we thank everyone who is using GRAVITY today.


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