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How PostureKey changed my WFH life

‘The PostureKey arrived and really changed both my working life and personal life.’ 

Natalie Tomlinson’s PostureKey Experience

After working from home for a mere matter of weeks, I soon noticed a major issue which was preventing me from working at my full potential. I was experiencing severe back and shoulder pain from working from my flimsy chair. This chair has just a panel for back support which explains why it did not take long for the discomfort to arise. 

The impact of this on my working day was extremely noticeable. I would find myself sat in important meetings with suppliers subconsciously massaging my shoulder joints in order to relieve the pain. On zoom, this is extremely noticeable and extremely unprofessional. However, at this point in time, I thought this was my only option. 

Thankfully, I have now realised that it wasn’t.

The PostureKey arrived and really changed both my working life and personal life. In terms of my personal life, I now have 15 minutes every night where I can just switch off. This is greatly needed after a long day of work. It is such a relaxing and comfortable position to be in that I look forward to this period of calm every day. 

In terms of my working life, it has meant that I am no longer distracted by unnecessary discomfort. This makes working from home so much easier and means I can concentrate on tasks easier. It also means that my professionalism isn’t compromised which I greatly appreciate.

Overall, the PostureKey has meant that I trade 15 minutes for a full day of relief.



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