Jennifer Ratcliffe > Wellbeing Manager NHS Foundation Trust

“In May, we began a trial of the device with members of staff able to borrow a PostureKey device for 2 weeks, and then staff were able to purchase under the ‘Blue Light Scheme’. The majority of staff reported a much-improved posture, with one commenting ‘it had changed their life’. As well as the physical benefits, many staff reported improved mental health, as using the device for 10-20 minutes a day meant they had to life down and weren’t able to do anything - which is much needed in a busy life!”

Dr Nicky Bertollo, PhD - Senior Research Fellow/ Medical Device Engineer, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, University College Dublin

“It is clear that the device is safe, reduces pain and improves posture and mobility”

Dr Helen Jones - BSc (Hons) MB ChB (Hons) DTM and H MRCGP

“As a General Practitioner working in the NHS my passion has been to deliver holistic and effective care. I believe therapy is not just about diagnosing and treating the underlying problem but taking the opportunity to help identify the triggers and prevent recurrence. IT became apparent to me that many musculoskeletal problems, especially relating to the back and neck, were not only due to injury but also poor posture. I see PostureKey as an excellent option to improve posture, help with pain control and reduce the need for medication.”

Captain - Cathay Pacific Airline

"I look forward to a quiet 20 minutes lying on the PostureKey, which then leaves my body very relaxed. I know if I do have back/neck/shoulder pain, the PostureKey system is a tool I can use to manage pain myself without having to go to a chiropractor or massage therapist."

Eddie Laycock - Former Professional Motocycle Racer

“I had cancer in my leg and after a lot of trauma with it, eventually it was amputated. Afterwards I suffered from a lot of nerve pain. It got so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. I ended up getting a PostureKey. I felt pain relief, and I could sleep at night. PostureKey really changed my world because it vastly reduced the medication I was taking."

Barry Gray - Former Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major

"I was a Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major for 26 years. During this time, I worked in a lot of extreme and cold environments, my body's been put through so much pressure. I really struggle to relax and I've been having some issues with my knees and lower back. I began using PostureKey and it rapidly started transforming my life. It forces my body to de-stress, and at the end of the session I genuinely feel relaxed."

Bronte Law - LPGA Golf Professional

“Using PostureKey has been great. I feel very relaxed after using it, so have been sleeping really well. As a professional golfer, upper back and neck mobility and posture are really important. Since I started using PostureKey, I have had no issues with my upper back, when combined with exercise and yoga"