How it works

We recognise the importance of proof; and we have just that. Studies have shown that 95% of people see significant improval after using PostureKey.

Give the power back to your body

PostureKey improves our posture in the most natural way, by allowing the body to fix and re-adjust itself. Rather than using brute force and harsh manipulation, we believe that we should let our bodies do the work for us, whilst we unwind and relax.

Drug Free

All Natural

Battery Free

Designed by Posture experts

PostureKey improves the communication and neural flow between the two key areas along the nervous system that have an impact on the rest of our bodies: the base of the neck and the sacrum. PostureKey holds us by these two central points to disperse tension around the whole body; restoring balance, relaxing the tight muscles and realigning our bodies.



Don't just take our word for it...