Kind words from people who own and use Gravity.

"I was in the Royal Marines, and about 4 years ago I had a big skiing accident. I managed to wallop my head on the ice and lose the ability to walk and to talk. Things have been getting gradually better and then 6 weeks ago I started using GRAVITY which has really helped my general coordination, and which has helped with my walking and my ability to use the right hand side of my body and generally just increased the spring in my step. It appears to work and my advice would be to give it a go and let it improve any issues that you may be having."

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Captain, Royal Marines

Captain, Royal Marines

"Allow me to introduce you to this GRAVITY device which for me is a lifesaver from Dr Shane Murnaghan. I love him for introducing me to this equipment! It helps your posture, it helps relax you. It looks weird but it's so totally comfortable. 20 minutes I am good to go, it stretches me out, it makes me feel aligned, and I love it!"

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Kimberley Davis

Singer, Chic

"In my experience GRAVITY is a safe, natural, and brilliant piece of kit for athletes. As a professional footballer still playing after years of wear and tear internationally, GRAVITY sets me up for flexibility, symmetry and performance. As a warm up or warm down, on any aches and pains, it's my go to piece of kit."  

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Mark Wright

"I had cancer in my leg and after a lot of trauma with it, eventually it was amputated. Afterwards I really suffered from a lot of nerve pain. It got so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. I ended up seeing Dr Shane Murnaghan and he got me on to GRAVITY. I felt pain relief, and I could sleep at night. It really changed my world because I'd really suffered a lot with nerve pain. I'd been using an awful lot of medication and I was able to cut down on the meds and get on to GRAVITY."

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Eddie Laycock

Former Professional Motorcycle Racer

“Using GRAVITY™ has been great. I feel very relaxed after using it,  so have been sleeping really well. As a professional golfer, upper back and neck mobility and posture are really important. Since I started using GRAVITY™ I have had no issues with my upper back, when combined with exercise and yoga”        

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Bronte Law

LPGA Golf Professional

"I have now been using GRAVITY™ for 50 consecutive days for 20 mins. I strongly believe it has had a number of benefits which I am going to list

-It helps to relax and focus your mind

-It has definitely improved my balance

-I have a history of ME, and it appears to have helped my well being and overall energy levels

-I have a chronic shoulder injury which has improved with GRAVITY™

-Last summer I ended up in hospital with acute back pain and was on a morphine drip for pain. Since I've been on gravity I've had no back pain. I have gardened for 7 hours at a time with no problems and back taking part in spin classes and other exercise regimes with no problem. I am a very hands on physiotherapist and have had no back pain even though I have had some patients needing a lot of physical assistance.

GRAVITY™ has become a huge part of my life and I am religious about going on it every day. I make it fit into my days even when they're hectic. I strongly believe it is having a huge impact on my mental and physical wellbeing, allowing me to carry out activities that I wouldn't have been able to do without it."


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Charlotte Jones

Grad Dip Phys MCSP DSA(CSP) Physiotherapist @ Sue England Physiotherapy

"As an ex professional cricketer, I like to keep in good shape and find that using GRAVITY™ has helped me recover after gym sessions enabling me to relax and unwind. I sit for long periods, both when travelling abroad  and commentating on cricket and find GRAVITY™ relieves my lower back stiffness."

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Michael Vaughan

Ex England Cricket Captain

“As a professional windsurfer, after a long hard day of training or racing, I am both physically and mentally fatigued, but also full of the buzz I get from the sport that I love. I use GRAVITY™ to help me to relax before I go to bed, and often will even start to fall asleep on it! I used to wake up with a lot of thoracic stiffness, but now I find that with using GRAVITY™ my muscles are much more relaxed, and I am ready to windsurf again the next day full power! I used GRAVITY™ as a recovery strategy at the recent Youth World Championships, and found it really helped me to get a good night’s sleep every night, which is vital at a 6 day event. It also made me more relaxed and really helped my muscles, especially in my back, to recover for another hard day the next day.”

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Sarah Jackson

Professional Windsurfer

“I first met Shane Murnaghan after he’d willingly taken on a 4-hr trek on his motorcycle (through the “usual” miserable weather on the Emerald Isle) so he could render assistance to 4 battle weary “warriors.” This captures Shane Murnaghan perfectly. He’s spent his life honing his skills. He’s purposefully fought through many trials and tribulations, all in order to find a way to heal both himself and others. Shane’s refined a means to this end now for countless others. I suspect his product GRAVITY™ will usher us into an entirely new way to confront and overcome physical pain and mental anguish that comes with it.“

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Karen Lansing

Police, Military & 1st Response Trauma Specialist

"I'm a former Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major, which I did for 26 years. During that time I worked in a lot of extreme and cold environments. I started using GRAVITY and it rapidly started transforming my life. My body's been put through so much pressure over the last 26 years, with a huge amount of endurance work. I do extreme long runs, mountaineering, mountain climbing, and a solo attempt across Antarctica. One of the issues I've been having is with my knees and with my lower back. I met Dr Shane who introduced me to GRAVITY. I'm one of those people that really struggles to relax. GRAVITY forces my body to de-stress, and at the end of the session I genuinely feel relaxed. It's also really helped with the rest of my body, even though it's used on the back, it's really helped with my knees, pulling everything else into line.

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Barry Grey

Former Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major

[caption id="attachment_3172" align="alignleft" width="225"]Dr Helen Jones gravity Dr Helen Jones gravity[/caption] Dr Helen Jones BSc (Hons) MB ChB (Hons) DTM and H MRCGP   These are very exciting times for GRAVITY. Over the past 18 months we have been working closely with physiotherapists and clinicians in the UK, gathering research information that will help us understand more clearly the diverse benefits of the GRAVITY system.   Support from Bangor University is driving forward the research process with the knowledge that this offers a safe and medication free option for so many individuals. I suffered for many years, off and on, with back pain related to driving. Once I started using GRAVITY™ it settled my symptoms quickly, and without the need for analgesia. For me this was a major factor, being drug free and pain free. As a Doctor I thought this was a device which may help many people who were struggling with back pain. I felt I needed to take this forward, and so I am administering research  to understand the extent to which GRAVITY™ has a positive impact on minimising back pain, on everyday individuals.” I've been treating these conditions as a GP for over 17 years, and I've seen how people struggle, and how important it is to have pain relief. Many of the pain medicines we prescribe have side effects and these risks often outweigh the benefits. In a recent study, GRAVITY was shown to provide pain relief. It was also shown to have additional benefits of relaxation and improved sleep. GRAVITY is a simple and safe option.

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Dr Helen Jones

BSc (Hons) MB ChB (Hons) DTM and H MRCGP

Rhys Chong PGDHSc (Manipulative Physiotherapy)   “GRAVITY™ has changed the way I work. GRAVITY™ is the tool I have been looking for to connect the mind to the body and the body to the mind. It helps me heal those clients with repeat injuries or injuries where you struggle to identify the cause. Patients get up feeling relaxed and often with a noticeable increase in range of motion with reduced pain in the spine and peripheral joints. There is no tool that has the effects of GRAVITY™ that we have worked with."      

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Rhys Chong

PGDHSc (Manipulative Physiotherapy) Sports & Spinal Physiotherapist and owner of, Kensington, UK


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