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That ‘Monday Morning Feeling’


Does anyone else get that ‘Monday Morning Feeling’?

That buzz that it’s the start of a new week; new challenges, new opportunity. It’s a mixture of emotion dependent on what’s going on within your business.

With our recent relaunch, everyday has felt like the start of a new week. That ‘Monday Morning Feeling’ is a constant mood in the GravityLife office. For the last 3 months, each day has led to different decisions that impact the business as a whole. One day we were debating our new product name, the next our new brand colours and so forth.

Fostering that ‘Monday Morning Feeling’ has actually become a really useful tool for us as a team. Maintaining a level of anticipation has allowed us to be as creative as possible. Each day feels fresh; the chance to improve our company from the inside out. It’s allowed us to keep the momentum going when the going gets tough. From delayed production, constant lockdown-restriction changes and personal challenges; we have kept a sense of excitement.

How do you keep the spark alive in your team? 

Do you find it useful to maintain a feeling of excitement in your job role? 

Do you love or hate Mondays?

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