The Story of GravityLife

The Story of GravityLife

Our recent rebrand has led to a few questions…

What has actually changed?

Well, we thought it was best to start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start after all. 

GravityLife as a company has been at the forefront of producing innovative massage products for over 5 years now.

The PostureKey, formerly known as ‘Gravity’, was created around 6 years ago. Inspired by holistic medicine and physiotherapy the device has helped thousands of people around the world with pain management, relaxation and much more. 

We’ve spent the past 5 years building our foundation. Many physios and industry professionals have been exploring the incredible impact of PostureKey. This has all led to our current clinical trial currently happening in Australia; our most extensive research project to date. This is all part of a 5-year journey to achieve a white paper for PostureKey to prove our product is your own personal 24-hour physiotherapist. 

As well as research, we have been busy over the last few years. We’ve won multiple awards, partnered with the Police, NHS and military, and pitched in Dragons Den as well as help thousands of people’s health and wellbeing. 

However, things felt slightly out of sync. We were always getting asked; so what is it?

When lockdown happened in the UK in March 2020, it forced the team to sit back and think. Our product has always been world-leading, but our messaging wasn’t conveying the true power behind it. 

With the huge influx of remote working, stress levels rising and posture-related problems at the forefront of the media we decided it was time to remind the world of the power of our product. We needed to get our story straight. 

The multitude of health issues our product helps people with boiled down to one problem; bad posture. 

So, in August 2020 we decided to rebrand our core product as ‘PostureKey’. 

Is PostureKey the same product as ‘Gravity’?


The same award-winning, patented massage device but with a new, clear message.

From the beginning 6 years ago, our product was designed to help improve posture; we just lost this messaging along the way.

With our rebrand we went back to basics; to help people improve their posture.

Where is GravityLife going?

GravityLife is centred on helping others. 

Our mission is to improve the world’s posture. Our vision is to help people keep up with life today. 

In the wake of the pandemic, we realised that we needed to be a solution to the very real problems that have become so exacerbated. These problems are wide ranging; from added stress levels, to the necessity to adapt to a working from home environment. Our product has always been a tool to help deal with tension, whether physical or mental, and we recognise the relevance of PostureKey today. 

We strive to create products that alleviate the mental and physical challenges that are associated with unavoidable posture-related problems.

We are consistently researching, innovating and exploring new ways to help with life today.

Our team is currently working on new product lines that work towards our goal of improving the world’s posture. 

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